Our vision: to be the leader of the global compressor industry. Strive to create a global brand and establish a world-level enterprise.

Core value: responsibility, innovation, transcending

Corporate motto: be responsible for the employees, the enterprise and the society

Operational concept: humanism, honesty to boost enterprise, leading high-tech, winning global competition

Corporate spirits: mutual support, dedication and sacrifice, awareness of risks, constant transcending

Corporate demeanor: practical and strict, teamwork, dedicated service, swift and efficient

Behavioral norms: patriotic, love the enterprise, disciplined, honest, learning and innovative, responsible, collaborative, dedicated service, safe production, thrift and saving, polite and hygienic.

Development view: strategic initiation, independent creation, precise management

Innovation view: everyone is able to create a miracle

Safety view: safety is given top priority in production.

Quality view: quality is what the enterprise survives on.

Service view: deeming the following process as the customer of the previous one.

Environment view: environment leads to competitiveness.