Extrusion Screw Barrel Factory

Extrusion Screw Barrel

Extrusion Screw Barrel

Specification parameters:

Screw diameter:Φ15-Φ300

Draw ratio::15-53

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Extrusion Screw Barrel Details

The screws are optional, including the ordinary type, gradient type, mutant type, barrier type, pin type, DIS open airflow type, vented type, BM type, separate type screw, etc. The compression ratio can be manufactured according to customers’ requirements. The screws can be designed to be long or single head and the barrels can be the slotted forced feeding system and so on.


Base material::

1)38CrMoAlA(JIS SACM645)

Material composition analysis:

C: 0.35~0.42     Si: 0.20~0.45     Mn: 0.30~0.60      S: ≤0.035         P: ≤0.035  Cr:1.35~1.65    Al: 0.70~1.10  Ni: ≤0.030  Cu: ≤0.030   Mo:0.15~0.25




Treatment process

Tempering, qualitative treatment

Nitriding process

Spraying alloy


Technical parameters:

Tempering hardness:HB260-290

Nitriding depth: 0.50mm-0.80mm

Nitriding hardness: 900-1000HV

Nitriding brittleness: <= level 1

Surface roughness: Ra 0.32

Screw straightness: 0.015mm

Alloy layer thickness:2-3mm

Alloy layer hardness:HRC58-65

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