How to adjust the film head of the film blowing machine


Film blowing machine die adjustment method The mold is […]

Film blowing machine die adjustment method
The mold is covered from top to bottom, that is, when the thickness is thick, the screw is loosened (the thick side is pressed tightly). This is called a smoothing die. If it is the big mouth below, put the above die into it, it is to loosen the thin side, the thick side is tight, this is called the reverse. The die has 4 or 6 adjusting bolts, generally hexagonal. On the upper edge of the die, you can adjust them. As for the tightness or looseness, the molds of different origins are different.
Film blowing machine die cleaning method
Clean the touch head and the spiral body, use paraffin or methyl silicone oil for cleaning, then gently wipe the paste with 1000 mesh sandpaper until it is clean. When refueling, adjust the temperature according to the materiality (the difference between the return material and the pure material temperature). After changing the net, increase the extrusion amount and extrude the paste.
The key is to add a little methyl silicone oil to the hopper in the production process, which can lubricate the screw die and clear the mold.