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Zhejiang Bimetal Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Zhejiang Zhoushan Dinghai Chen’s Machinery Co., Ltd.) is located at the coast of East China Sea, adjacent to the famous international deep-water port – Ningbo Beilun Port.

Bimetal is professional China Flat Parallel Twin Screw Barrel Manufacturers and flat Twin Screw Barrel Suppliers which specializes in manufacturing series of screws, rubber melting cylinder products. Products are widely used in the 30-40000 grams injection molding machine, the 15-250mm single screw extruder, and the 30-130mm conical and parallel twin-screw extruder and all kinds of rubber machine, weaving machine, puffed food machine. All of the products are made of quality 38CrMoALA steel. By employment of fine processes of quenching and tempering, stiffening, nitriding, grinding, finishing, and guidance of ISO9002 International Quality Control System, products are in line with international standards. GⅡ 113 nickel-based alloy (latest 3# steel) screw cylinder is also one of our fist products; it is applicable for alloy bimetal (PTA) welding. In addition to providing balance equipment for complete machine companies abroad, we are also a leading Supplier undertaking OEM service, surveying and mapping assistance, as well as design services for big and small companies at home. No matter you are our existing partner or potential customer, with products and services, we warmly welcome your visit and inquiries with our wholeheartedly and thoughtful services. We also custom Flat Parallel Twin Screw Barrel made of 38CrMoALA steel. We also wholesale in bulk.


Screws are gauged and manufactured to meet your highest quality and performance standards.

Industry Knowledge Expansion About This Category
1. Understanding the Flat Double Barrel Screw and Its Function 
A flat double barrel screw is a specialized component used in plastic extrusion processes to melt, mix, and convey plastic materials effectively. Its design features a flattened geometry, which optimizes the melting and mixing capabilities within the extrusion barrel. The primary function of the flat double barrel screw is to ensure uniform melt homogeneity, improved melt conveyance, and precise temperature control throughout the extrusion process. By selecting a reliable flat double barrel screw supplier, manufacturers gain access to high-quality screws specifically designed for their extrusion applications, resulting in enhanced product quality and increased production efficiency.

2. The Design and Functionality of Flat Double Barrel Screws
Flat double barrel screws are specialized components used in plastic extrusion machinery to facilitate the melting, mixing, and conveying of plastic materials. Unlike traditional screws, flat double barrel screws feature a flattened profile with deep channels, enabling better material mixing and enhanced heat transfer. The design promotes efficient plasticizing, resulting in uniform melt homogeneity and improved material distribution. The distinct geometry of flat double barrel screws also contributes to increased throughput and reduced energy consumption, making them ideal for applications that demand high productivity and cost-efficiency.

3. Applications and Considerations for Implementing Flat Double Barrel Screws
Flat double barrel screws find applications in various plastic extrusion processes, including profile extrusion, sheet extrusion, and blown film extrusion. Flat double barrel screw manufacturers must consider factors such as the specific material being processed, desired output rates, and processing requirements when implementing flat double barrel screws. It is important to select the appropriate screw design, channel depth, and width to suit the material characteristics and extrusion parameters. Working closely with suppliers and leveraging their expertise can help manufacturers optimize their extrusion processes and maximize the benefits of using flat double barrel screws.